Advisority – innovation through technology

Built on a strong foundation of knowledge and a desire to be part of the technological development of the Romanian society and many more, Advisority combines the last digital trends together with the vision of their clients and partners. Over the last few years, this company has rised through because of its ability to support enterprises from various sectors on their way to achieve goals in the most efficient manner.

Advisority has its headquarters in Bucharest, Romania with secondary establishments in Pitesti, Craiova, but also in England and United States. It has already made the necessary steps They have already taken steps to extend abroad in countries such as Germany and Austria.

With an impressive portfolio for only 3 years of activity, this is constantly investing resources in fulfilling their mission which is to contribute to the constant evolution of technology to offer a better future. Having experienced staff and being always ready to come up with efficient solutions, Advisority is looking to satisfy the market’s needs regarding digitalization and business process automation both through building automated systems and through RPA.

This type of initiatives support the company’s clients in order to reduce or cut out the effort of processing data and to be more efficient considering the most important resource: time used for creation, innovation and development.

Advisority makes the most out of their employee’s experience regarding data monetization in order to benefit customers with the quality services. The methodologies used for implementation vary depending on clients’ needs involving Agile or Scrum.

Furthermore, one of the developing solutions designed by Advisority is Au2IT. The aim of this solution is to interpret and automatically extract data from documents such as passports, identity cards and invoices in IT systems.

Advisority and FintechOS, a global technology supplier for financial services, are partners in a digital transformation project of the financial sector and not only.

Besides the banking area, Advisority also has partners such as GTMotive. This partnership was established in order to develop a configurable platform through which their clients will have a completely personalized experience, and the configuration process will be reduced from a few months to a few days.

Always being aware of the technological process, Advisority aims to monitor the economic and technologic environment, being ready for the adventure of exploring new expertise areas. The company’s constant growth comes as a result of the effort to offer a vast service catalogue to whom (who is this whom?) they have committed to provide a better, efficient and responsible future.

Together with investments in the technological area, Advisority takes care of Romania’s future by being part of educational initiatives. The foundation “Upper Education” which finances children with great results in education, was supported by Advisority to facilitate the participation in online learning programs.

“Advisority’s objective is to endorse organizations in the digitalization process through specific solutions for each sector. In the last years, we have invested both in the accumulation of know-how and development of turnkey solutions which allowed us to accelerate the digitalization and business’s processes.

At the same time, we went through a period of organizational transformation as a a result of permanent growth and support of the further company development. The objective for the following year is to establish two new centres of services and grow our team with 200 employees” said Toni Calugaru, Executive Advisor at Advisority.


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