Advisority has always had the desire to contribute to the tech society development

The road of a newly surfaced company though a market with an ever-increasing competition is never an easy one and those who succeeded deserve all the praise. This is e case for Advisority,  a  company founded three years ago, who manages to stand out with a remarkable portfolio. Their mission, striving for a better future using the newest technologies, is fueled by team effort, experience and by the efficiency of solving any challenges that might occur. Oriented towards digitalization, Advisority meets the market demands through business processes automatization. This can be achieved by creating automatic communication systems. These steps help the organizations with their mission, efficiency in client relations and in optimizing the most important resource – time, crucial in production, innovation and development.

                With a solid foundation anchored in advanced knowledge, Advisority always has had a wish to contribute to the technological development of the society, be it in Romania or abroad. Even though Advisority’s activity in Romania is concentrated in Bucuresti, Craiova and Pitesti, this company is also present in technologically well-developed countries such as The United States of America and The United Kingdom. Furthermore, in a not so distant future, we could also talk about other branches of Advisority located in the European Union, such as Germany or Austria.

                By paying special attention to both the client’s and partner’s needs, the company succeeded in supporting business within various working sectors to reach their operational their operational objectives in an efficient manner. 

                As a result of partnerships formed between Advisority and companies such as GTMotive, a high tech solutions developer for automatization and efficiency improvement of damage assessment and repairs, new innovative solutions were added to the market, which were not previously available in Romania.  For example ClaimBox is the ecosystem created to include the front-end mobile CarFix self-service.

                ClaimBox, a service designed for insurance, leasing and repairment companies, is a cloud-type platform with the purpose of managing damages and administrating car lots. How does this solution stand out? Through the fact that it assures automated management of the intervention authorizations regarding various damages. This solution comes to the clients aid with several options, reducing interaction time with the operators, speeding up information flow by improving data processing, which improves company productivity.  Additionally, both the auto park’s administration costs and part prices are optimized, in real time. Other benefits of this service include electronic billing and common platforms for insurance, renting, leasing and service markets.

                Taking into account the present context, which implies the need for online workflows, regardless of time, the CarFix mobile app assures proper risk inspections or remote damage assessment, all while continuing its activity. Besides this important facility, the time required to finalize the processes is highly diminished, one such process taking approximately 15 minutes. Also, there should not be any concern regarding universal accessibility and that is because the application can be accessed on any device.

                Another strategic partnership though which Advisority wishes to bring a benefit to society, from an informational technology standpoint, is with Namirial, software and service provider, certification authority which offers electronic signatures, electronic billing and electronic archiving.

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